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Under overfladen / Beneath the Surface

Esben Gyldenløve, Oskar Koliander, Christine Overvad, Emil Toldbod, Nicky Sparre Ulrich

23 May - 27 June 2015


The group exhibition Beneath the Surface at Gether Contemporary delves into the personal space, goes behind the immediate and exposes the Danish art scene’s new talent. Five young artists from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts; Esben Gyldenløve, Oskar Koliander, Christine Overvad, Emil Toldbod and Nicky Sparre Ulrich presents new works, which each in their own way explores the journey into the inner space. A personal history, human myths and the individual’s search for identity in our time are themes that are explored in the exhibition. The works occupy space, time and surface and span objects, sculpture, prints and performance.


Classic media as bronze, canvas and steel are mixed with modern materials such as carbon fiber, glass fiber and plastic and hereby invites a re-thinking of our perception of art. At the exhibition, one can experience five suggestions on how art will express itself in the future, while also establishing links between our past and present.