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Oskar Koliander


27 February - 2 April 2016

"Looking out the window; 20 000 feet and climbing. The rivers and roads below drawing lines in the landscape. My life packed into a carry-on luggage stowed above my head. A trail of breadcrumbs scattered in cities and on servers across the world.


I walk with seven-league boots over the landscape imagined on the linoleum floors of the airport corridors. I turn off flight mode, change the time zone and think about If I should get a coffee before going through the new messages."


Oskar Koliander's statement frames the focus for his solo exhibition Breadcrumbs. His works depict the inner and outer landscapes of the restless, global traveler; a world citizen with no base, only scattered breadcrumbs to mark some kind of physical or virtual track history.


It is a restlessness, which in the work of Koliander, becomes a driving force pushing him further and further into investigating the virtual networks connecting us all and furthermore, the properties of new synthetic materials.

Oskar Koliander's material explorations take their shape, amongst others, as custom-made aluminium luggage and otherworldly landscapes materialized in aluminium and digital print.


His works activate the viewer, blurring the boundaries between viewer and work, and thereby, raise questions on how the digital environment affects our understanding of the physical world. This is often done in a humorous and playful manner, and with a curiosity towards the boundaries of materiality.


Breadcrumbs is Oskar Koliander's (b. 1986, Sweden) first solo exhibition in Denmark, after having exhibited at, amongst others, À Côté Du 69, Nantes (FR); fourFOLD, London (UK); Dovehouse Green, London (UK) and Galleri Rotor, Gothenburg (SE). He lives and works in Copenhagen and London, and graduated from The Royal College of Art, London in 2015.