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Jay Gard


13 May - 13 June 2020

"Møbel" is the third exhibition by Jay Gard with Gether Contemporary and tells the story of his personal journey with art and design.


Coming from a family of creatives, Gard's father was an industrial designer for MZ and BMW motorcycles, his mother a textile designer and his grandfather created custom-made furniture, Jay has always had a close relation to the cross section between art and design. He would observe how his father would shape his designs into life in his studio, creating the first prototypes for later objects. He would be amazed of how alive and organic these objects would seem, cleanly representing the essential idea before the design would undergo the preparation for later mass production.


As Gard went on to immerse himself in art he would carry with him that connection to design and the special approachability it facilitates. Combining the abstract and philosophical framework of art together with the approachability of design Gard has developed his own style and expression mixing minimalist theory from people such as Sol Lewitt with the anarchistic currents of the post modern and the expression of artists like Tom Sachs. Centrally taking inspiration from the Bauhaus movement and the simplicity and efficiency in its expression and its wish to make life better for people through a rational language of art and design.


"Møbel" presents Jay Gard's fascination of the merger between these two related philosophies, of the raw expression and the approach of constructing ideas into life. In the exhibition new and older works will be on view telling the story of his recent collaboration with Bauhaus, Dessau, his love of music and musical instruments, furniture design and of how creative thinking across the borders of art and design informs one another giving way to new expressions and perspectives.


Jay Gard (b. 1984 in Halle) studied at Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig and Hochschule für Kunst und Design Burg Giebichenstein in Halle. Jay Gard has previously exhibited at Museum Gunzenhauser, Chemnitz, Sculpture Triennale, Bingen, Half Gallery, New York, Jonas-Mekas-Visual-Art-Center, Vilnius, and more. Recent publications include the artist monograph "Jay Gard: Form und Farbe". Jay Gard's work can be found in several private and public collections including the collection of The New Carlsberg Foundation of Denmark.