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Christine Overvad Hansen

(b. 1988)


Christine Overvad Hansen works with sculpture in an expanded field. Her artistic practice spans from large scale sculptural works and installations, to mechanical sculptures and elaborate performances.


Overvad Hansen often combines traditional materials, such as bronze and glass, with materials connected to other fields than the traditional sculptural.

Through combining materials derived from different aspects of everyday life with sculptural and performative effects, Overvad Hansen’s sculptures often possess an alluring yet displaced familiarity (in their shape, surface or function.)


At the center of Overvad Hansen’s practice lies an interest in the body as both subject of, and instrument in, the sculptural process. With the body as an anchor Overvad Hansen’s works explores subjects such as sense of place and collective memory, alongside self-help phenomenons, club-culture, codes of sexual interaction and collecting behaviour. Moving or dwelling, her works invites the viewer to engage in a flirtatious and sometimes humorous exploration of these subjects.


Christine Overvad Hansen (b.1988, Denmark) lives and works in Copenhagen. In 2016 she graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Her work has been shown in exhibitions at, amongst others, Horsens Kunstmuseum (DK), Künstlerhaus Dortmund (DE) and Parallel Vienna (AT). In 2016 she received Horsens Kunstmuseum’s Art Prize, and is also represented in their collection.