Misplaced Narratives Gioele Amaro


We are proud to present Gioele Amaro's first solo exhibition in the Nordics. An artist who in the past year has exhibited at Almine Rech in both Shanghai and Brussels, and whose works have also been included in a large number of international projects and contexts.

For Gioele Amaro's solo exhibition, Misplaced Narratives, at Gether Contemporary, Amaro has approached the digital as an idea, a subject and as a way of being in the world, rather than as a technique in itself. In the exhibition, Amaro's tight and carefully considered aesthetics are mixed with an experimental and playful impulse, and the exhibition becomes a framework for a simultaneously chaotic, conceptual and experimental space filled with references, comments and paraphrases of art history and its motifs.

The premise of Gioele Amaro's work with Misplaced Narratives is that both digital and physical images are constantly changing and dependent on our gaze. This playful and constant transformation results in, as the exhibition title describes, a space that juxtaposes a multitude of expressive narratives and outcomes.

As much as Amaro works with the abstract as part of an ephemeral visual state, he also works with the distortion of familiar motifs and icons. Several of Amaro's works paraphrase, or directly derive their "motifs", from works from art history or digital pop culture. These are processed until they are in a sensual place between abstraction and recognition. With this reinterpretation, Amaro's work speaks to a digital image-culture where filters, infinite layers of mediation, and rapid exchange and circulation are an inevitable condition and premise for our way of experiencing the visual world.

Additionally, The exhibition contains a number of conceptual experiments that relate to the nature of the digital and the materiality of reality, and implicitly questions ideas about originality, media and (anti)work. Gioele Amaro does not present us with works but objects; a thickness, colors, an aggregated surface, that captures and maintains a fleeting visual state, leaving them with the artist's trace in the form of digital dust and noise.

Gioele Amaro

Gioele Amaro (IT), lives and works in Paris. He is a trained architect and has worked with the renowned architect Jean Nouvel. Gioele Amaro has participated in major international exhibitions at, among others, Reinhard Hauff, Balice Hertling, Almine Rech, Hight Art, Cuturi Gallery and Galerie Untilthen. Gioele Amaro's works can be found in a large number of private and public collections.
Gioele Amaro,Too Monet, 2022

Gioele Amaro,Too Monet, 2022