skyggeplanter Rune Bosse


Gether Contemporary is proud to present Rune Bosse's second solo exhibition at the gallery. In his art, Rune Bosse examines beauty as the magical essence of nature and encourages us to consider our connection with nature. This process Bosse establishes by creating works that contain a beauty that appeals directly to the viewer's sensibility and that seeks to create an intuitive experience of nature's depth and power.

The exhibition consists of two types of work: The wall-hung Ur-Pflanze works are digitally processed collages of bleached plants and flowers. The Plantmemories sculptures on the floor are large glass bottles filled with water and chlorine, in which fresh flowers and plants are placed. While Bosse's Ur-Pflanze works are composed of a large number of different plant species, there is only one plant species in each of the Plantmemories sculptures. Because of the chlorine, the flowers and plants in the floor sculptures bleach during the time that the exhibition lasts. Thereby the individual plant's characteristics disappear and the archetypal form comes into view. The plants in the floor sculptures gradually take on the same universal character as Ur-Pflanze works, and a sense of unity emerges between the wall works and the floor based sculptures. It is about a movement from the individual plant as an immediate phenomenon to the plant as an expression of the great universal whole.

For Bosse, nature is not only the result of the highest form of chemical complexity. Nature possesses a special primal power, which he gives a concrete form by means of transformation processes. Bosse shows that despite our barbaric way of treating nature, it responds by overwhelming us with beauty, delicacy, strength.

The beauty of plants is a revolutionary force that breaks through the surface of phenomena and gives us access to nature's innermost secrets. The beauty makes us recognize that each individual plant contains the entirety of the universe and an inexplicable will to live.

This process the American-British physicist and philosopher David Bohm refers to in, Wholeness and the Enfolded Order (1986) where he argues that the tangible reality must be perceived as an unfolding of a deeper order that lies enfolded in nature. In the exhibition, Bosse establishes a movement from the unfolded order in visible reality to a visualization of the enfolded order in nature. Bosse's works embody the essence of nature, where each image and each sculpture constitutes both the concrete existing form and the essence of all forms.

Within the past year, Rune Bosse has had solo exhibitions at HEART, Museum of Contemporary Art and Gammel Strand Kunsthal and currently has solo exhibitions at Tønder Art Museum and the Ordrupgaard Collection.


Rune Bosse (b. 1987) lives in Copenhagen and works at Oremandsgaard, Præstø. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2016 and combined this with studies at Olafur Eliasson's experimental art school, Institut für Raumexperimente, Berlin. Previous exhibitions include Festival of Future Nows at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, 'Efter ild' at Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand, Copenhagen, 'Træfald' at HEART Museum of Contemporary Art, Herning, AROS Triennial 'The Garden', the exhibition 'Ground Connections' at Fuglsang Kunstmuseum, 'Hummings' at KØS and the exhibition 'Flowers in Art' at Arken. Bosse's works can be seen in several public collections, including ARoS Museum of Modern Art, Tønder Art Museum and the Statens Kunstfond.